The Quintano Report

The Quintano Report is a report that was commissioned by the Office of the Prime Minister subsequent to the Hamrun tragedy (link below). The acting committee of the chamber appointed a subcommittee to review this report and provide the chamber with its review feedback to the same report. The members of this subcommittee included Mr Karl Azzopardi (CEO of INDIS Malta) -Chairman of the subcommittee, Mr Reno Vassallo (Operations Manager with Vassallo Builders), Mr Andrei Cachia (Senior Project Officer with Project Plus) and Mr Jesmond Chetcuti (acting committee representative, local representative of the Chartered Institute of Building and Project Manager at GHRC). The outcome of the review exercise would be subject to approval via the structures of the chamber and shall be submitted to the chairman of the BICC and the Parliament Secretary for Construction.

The Times of Malta 2nd March 2020
Download report here

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