Empowering Women in Construction: MARE Summit and MCCM Unite for a Historic Second Edition

Paola, Malta- Building on the success of its inaugural year, the Malta Chamber of Construction Managers (MCCM) proudly spearheads the second edition of the “Women in Construction” event, this time in an exciting ground breaking collaboration with MARE Summit. Scheduled for April 11th, 2024, at the Malta Chamber, this event marks a significant milestone by merging MCCM’s initiative with MARE Summit’s events expertise, emphasizing innovation, professionalism, and diversity in the construction industry.

A New Chapter of Collaboration

This year’s “Women in Construction” not only highlights the remarkable contributions of female professionals in the construction field but also represents a united front in the industry’s push towards greater inclusivity and ethical practices. As the second edition of this empowering event, it holds the distinction of being the first collaborative effort between MCCM and MARE Summit, showcasing a shared vision for a future where diversity and professionalism are at the core of the construction industry.

Highlighting Women’s Role in Construction

The event promises a day of inspiration, learning, and networking, featuring motivational panels from women who have made significant impacts in the construction sector. Panel discussions will address the critical role of innovation and ethics in construction management, reflecting MCCM’s commitment to promoting professional standards and a culture of integrity.

Jesmond Chetcuti, President of MCCM, articulates the vision behind this year’s event: “With great pleasure, our chamber in collaboration with MARE Summit, The Ministry for Justice and Construction Reform, the Malta Chamber of Commerce and our international partners the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), are again going to organise and event that highlights not only the importance of woman in the construction industry, but similar to what we did in the first edition last year, with the help of our special guests we will continue showcasing the opportunities that exist within this industry for the female gender. Following the feedback received from last years edition, and the request for participation from various professionals and stakeholders, this year we are going to change slightly the format. Instead of just speakers like last year, for this edition we will be introducing a number of panels. Panels made up from various professionals and stakeholders that somehow contribute towards the upscaling of the industry.”

Beatriz Rodriguez Sanz, Director of MARE Summit, speaks on the collaboration: “Joining forces with MCCM for this second edition of ‘Women in Construction’ amplifies our ability to celebrate and support the incredible women shaping our industry. This partnership is a testament to our shared goals of fostering innovation and excellence in construction.”

Giuseppe Miccichè, Operations Manager at MARE Summit, added: “This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to inspire change and promote a more inclusive industry. ‘Women in Construction’ is not just an event; it’s a movement towards a future where every professional, regardless of gender, is valued and empowered to innovate.”

Invitation to the Industry

Professionals are encouraged to reach out and share their feedback or experiences with us. “Women in Construction” seeks to create a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas, insights, and fostering a broader conversation on diversity and professionalism in the industry. Your contributions are invaluable to enriching our understanding and driving positive change. Join us in shaping a more inclusive and innovative construction landscape by sharing your unique perspective and experiences. Feel free to reach us: info@mccm.org.mt or hari@maresummit.com

Event Details: – 

Date: April 11th, 2024 – Location: The Malta Chamber of Commerce Valletta, Malta

For More Information: contact info@mccm.org.mt or hari@maresummit.com

About MCCM 

The Malta Chamber of Construction Managers is at the forefront of promoting excellence, innovation, and ethics in construction management, driving initiatives that enhance the industry’s quality of life and professional standards.

About MARE Summit

MARE Summit stands as the largest event for professionals within the property and construction industry, serving as a beacon for building professionals by encouraging innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. It aims to shape the industry’s future, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and partnerships drive progress.

Media Contact:

Jesmond Chetcuti (MCCM) or Igor Iribar (MARESummit) Email: info@mccm.org.mt or igor@maresummit.com

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