Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

The vison of the Malta Chamber of Construction Managers [MCCM] is one of a sustainable Construction Industry on all fronts: including social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

It is well known fact that the Management function is amiss in the local Construction Industry. At The Chamber we firmly believe that the profession of the Construction Project Manager constitutes a major pillar to filling this void and contribute to pursue the Chamber’s vision.

Education and Continuous Development

The MCCM has been set up to promote an environment where the Construction Project Manager professional can thrive. At the top of its agenda in fact is the legal recognition of the Construction Project Manager through a Warrant and a Legal Act regulating its operations.

At the Chamber we believe that our industry is a live industry that is continually changing and evolving. Consequently, The Chamber has sought to offer different types of membership with the unique aim to assist individuals involved in construction management and in turn improve the quality of the local built environment. The Chamber supports the notion that the Construction Project Manager involved within any phase of the project life cycle process must be qualified, trained and committed to continuous personal development in order to stay abreast of changes.

The MCCM has from its inception worked relentlessly to endorse reputable local educational institutions, private and public, local and foreign to ensure its members have exposure to a wider spectrum of education. Moreover, The Chamber is also working to facilitate full collaboration between the same local and foreign institutions. For the MCCM Continuous Professional Development [CPDs], refresher courses and new courses will be high on the agenda. The Chamber will encourage and assist its members to attend the various CPDs addressed at each level of membership for their status to be maintained, and more importantly to assist the individual to progress to the next level. The Chamber will pursue affiliations with as many reputable institutions as possible to guarantee
sufficient recognised courses are available, both locally and abroad, to all its members ensuring no one is left behind. This will create further possibilities and career progression opportunities within the Construction Industry to all.


Through the work of The Chamber with the local Government, Government entities, local and foreign educational institutions and the private sector every member of The Chamber will benefit from being recognised as a member of an official institution representing the various levels of Construction Management.

The Chamber will be the voice to all Construction Managers, including all members with varying range of experience and qualifications ensuring everyone is counted for. As a Chamber, we will be able to apply constructive pressure on the authorities to affect change and improvements within our industry.

The MCCM will be exerting pressure on par to other professions, for official registers of the various levels of management to be set up. Thus, assisting the local Authorities and even the private sector in providing a directory to source the right individual/s required for any construction project. At the Chamber we believe that motivation is another key factor towards a change in mentality and attitude. Every worker especially at management and supervisory level are to be the key for this change to happen. Once the attitude of ‘anything goes’ is eradicated, the whole scenario will change and will positively affect job satisfaction, improve the delivery of a better-quality product on time, and ultimately resulting in value for money.

The Construction Project Manager is a pivotal role that holds everything and everyone in place. The benefits of excellent management skills will be appreciated by the client/developer, designer and contractor/s executing the job.

Career Progression

Similar to what happens in other modern countries, when new vacancies open, most of the employers seek professionals and individuals that form part of recognised institutions that maintain a track record of quality, excellence, and high standards. Why? These institutions and bodies are trusted by the way they operate and audit their members.

Agreements and MOUs will be negotiated with both the public and private sector. Prospective employers that will enable the members of The Chamber to be  recognised as professionals that are not only qualified and trained but also monitored on the high level of ethical standards.

Ethics are at the forefront of The Chamber mission statement. The Chamber and its modus operandi will be audited internally.

The MCCM offers multi-level tier membership to include all aspiring individuals within the Construction Industry who are involved in Construction Management to step up in ranks according to their qualifications and work experience. The membership provides its members through various institutions with certification that their practice is managed professionally and meets ethical codes, allowing them to be recognised as a trusted resource by clients. This raises the individual members’ profile and improves their reputation, helping them to acquire new business and strengthen existing client relationships.

Membership Progression

As a paying member, each individual will have the opportunity to be involved in moulding the vision of The Chamber and hence contributing to an improved Construction Industry Eco System.


The Chamber’s mandate also includes ensuring that a warranted Construction Project Manager is the go to Professional whenever a client contemplates a development. Until such Warrant is enacted by Law and becomes legally binding, The Chamber will start registering and expanding it’s membership base and assigning them into the applicable Tiers. At this early stage the Chamber will use its leverage capacity to promote and recommend to potential developments clients and employers to use the Project Management services from members in The Chamber’s database, hence instilling gradually this change in mind set.

Construction Managers Forum

The Chamber will set up and maintain a Construction Project Manager’s online forum where members of the Chamber can discuss points of common interest, issues they encounter in their everyday practice and other experiences that may be beneficial to fellow members.

Other Benefits

The Chamber is also committed to consistently negotiate deals and discounts with:

  •  educational institutions courses fees;
  • membership fees with other institutions;
  • software packages fees;
  • insurances and other services related to the industry.

The more members join MCCM, the more benefits The Chamber will be able to negotiate improved terms on behalf of all its members as per the following benefits and discounts. Strength is in Unity and Number.

Our Partners

The Academy

Believes in helping individuals realise their potential in the construction industry by nurturing the right practical skills and attitudes needed for an industry thatʼs becoming increasingly sophisticated, efficient and technologically advanced.

Cares deeply about making absolutely clear the next steps that people need to take in order to take their careers forward at whatever stage they are at whether thatʼs as a certified specialist in low-carbon and green construction, BIM & big data, conservation or as a future leader in management and business strategy.

Has the ambition to connect learners with funding, mentors and employment to ensure they find the outcomes they seek from learning.

Will show the world that construction managers who have come through the Academy are a talented and diverse workforce who make a real and positive difference to global challenges in the built environment.

An MoU signed between MCCM and the CIOB will provide our members with a range of benefits that vary from heavy discounts on courses, free and unlimited access to the CIOB Academy CPD`s, Discounts on induction and applications on the road to becoming a full chartered member (MCIOB or FCIOB), and much more.

Become A Member

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