Malta Chamber of Construction Management first “home”

On Saturday the 4th of June, our chamber was presented with the keys of its first premises.

These premises are located in one of the most convenient locations on the island, in Floriana.

Similar to our magazine Managing Construction, this is another milestone that we are hitting ahead of programme, in fact its not even mentioned on our Strategy for 2021-2023.

The purpose of having these premises is not just to have a place where we will be holding our council and the various working group meetings, but more importantly a place from where we can deliver another of our promises. Live CPD`s.

At present we are relying on recorded CPD`s with limited chance of interaction between our members, these premises will be providing our chamber with another avenue of how to deliver these CPD`s and informative sessions.

The Education and Development Section is already working on a schedule, that hopefully will commence as early as next year (if not before).

To make the most of these premises, we encourage our members to send us their suggestions on CPD`s, Courses, and informative sessions that they would like to be considered in next seasons schedule and, how they can contribute and actively participate themselves in the same initiative.

For more information on the above you can send an email to : and

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