Agreement between the Malta Chamber of Construction Management and Simprolit Manufacturing

The Malta Chamber of Construction Management is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with Simprolit Manufacturing Ltd.

By this agreement Simprolit and MCCM agreed to support each other in their respective vision and causes.

Simprolit are an innovative company that specialises in the conversion of ‘waste,’ namely polystyrene, and from the waste generated, in the purpose-built factory, building blocks, insulation and other building products are generated. Patented Simprolit System® is a true game changer in Circular Economy for manufacturing of construction material.

The agreement with MCCM will provide Simprolit with a platform to further disseminate the benefits of their products. Simprolit will be present on the chamber magazine Managing Construction and on the chamber website.

In a short speech following the signing of this agreement, the President of the MCCM, Mr Jesmond Chetcuti, expressed his satisfaction that this company and its directors Alex and Jo Sakota are not only appreciating the efforts and hard work our chamber are putting, to be part of the nationwide upscaling of the construction industry, but also believe in the reach of the chamber portals through the local community.

On behalf of Simprolit, Director Alex and Jo Sakota, expressed that Simprolit is eager to be an active partner and that through this agreement with MCCM, Simprolit will be supporting further professionalization of construction industry in Malta. This is a cause of high importance, not only to the members of the MCCM only but for the general public and the local construction industry. This is for the benefit of our citizens and country, Malta!

Simprolit Manufacturing Ltd. are the main and exclusive manufacturers and distributors of Simprolit Systems® and through its head company, Simprolit Global is offering license of its innovative technology globally.

For more information on the products and services offered by Simprolit Manufacturing, go on the company website: and Facebook page:

MCCM President and Mrs Jo Sakota (Director, Co-founder)
Mr Alex Sakota (Director, Co-founder)
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