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Managing fire safety within buildings can vary greatly from one building to another. Depending on the nature of the building and the characteristics of its occupants, one would need to apply different measures. Different industries and activity clusters present different requirements and challenges regarding
fire risk. An experienced, knowledgeable and competent fire risk manager needs to plan beyond legal compliance to ensure the effective safety of building tenants, workers and visitors, as well as protect the building and operational assets.

Fire Risk Assessments carried out by a duly competent person, capable of identifying hazards and risks, and determining suitable mitigation measures is a fundamental operational requirement.

 Furthermore, beyond a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, human factors are a top priority in fire risk management. Training people in fire prevention emergency preparedness and response
is an indispensable requirement of fire risk management, minimising potential lives at risk and damage to buildings and property.

Like all other aspects of operational risk, in Fire Risk Management, no single activity, item of equipment, fire system or procedure can provide a singular solution that is both suitable and sufficient. FRM requires a managed system that is properly designed, planned, implemented and maintained to provide the best levels of safety and peace of mind.

As subject matter experts in FRM, SHIELD Consultants provide a range of consultancy and training services, including: Fire Risk Assessments; a variety of fire training courses; Building Design Consultation (planning stage); Fire Door Inspections; Evacuation drills and Emergency exercises.

Contact us on/at: 2144 6980 for a free consultation session.

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