Financing Real Estate Projects

A lot of planning goes into project development. One of the first questions that needs to be answered when embarking on a project is ‘How much will the project cost and where is the money coming from?’

For a project one needs to first acquire the land or the site and then plan for the project that can be developed on that site in line with plans and permits approved. At initial stages, developers have to cost the various phases of a project to ensure that all works can be covered and eventually understand whether their planned project is going to be a profitable one or not. Investors may seek support for financing.

Bank loans are a form of financing which can be provided both for the acquisition and for the development or for the development only if the property is already owned. When approaching a bank for financing, the potential borrower is to be capable of meeting a share of the investment costs and this is considered as his contribution to the project, which in addition to the bank loan, will cover all the expenses involved. The borrower needs also to understand the finance costs incurred and plan how these can be met, eventually when the project starts to generate income, the proceeds from the same project will be considered as the main source of the debt repayment.

With a focus on growth, FCM Bank is the right business partner for these investors. FCM is a Corporate Bank headquartered and operating in Malta with its core business in property lending. Local investors in this sector who have already partnered with us are engaged in projects varying from residential, commercial and hotels.

Why is client appreciation important?

Appreciating clients make them feel individually valued, that is why we at FCM Bank believe in guiding the success of our partners by building long-term relationships based on trust. Our knowledge and business understanding are focused on talent, client approach and delivering exceptional results. We ensure that our clients can benefit from competitive rates on the market, efficient response-time, flexibility and above all a win-win outcome to their demands.

A bank representative is assigned to each project and in a professional manner works along with the client throughout the lifetime of the project. During the first meeting the investor presents the project, and our aim is to understand and provide the preliminary information on what is required in order to structure a winning solution. We strive to provide support and collaboration to our clients ensuring sustainable growth and success.

The articles that follow will take you through the detail of what is needed to apply for financing and more information about the products and services offered by FCM Bank, namely our new Balance Sheet Lending product.

FCM Bank holds a Maltese banking licence since 2010 and is regulated and supervised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).                                        

Our offices are located at      Suite 3, Tower Business Centre, Tower Road, Swatar.

For more information you may visit:  or call us for an appointment at 22488012.

Second Edition June/July 22


Bonamy Mercieca

Experienced Corporate Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Portfolio Management, Business Planning, Risk Management and Customer Service. Strong sales professional with a Executive Master in Business Administration from University of Malta.

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