Co-Operation Agreement between the Malta Chamber of Construction Management and CMBS (Central Mediterranean Business School)

Early this year, another local private educational institution agreed to join forces and cooperate with the Malta Chamber of Construction Management in the drive towards educational initiatives targeting the upscaling of the local construction management sector. This private institution will be joining other similar institutions in providing the local market within demand courses at the various levels of construction management.

This agreement is another step that opens up further educational tools predominately the availability of courses that are offered at favourable prices to our members. This agreement shall open up opportunities related to market research that may benefit the Chamber, CMBS and Industry at large. Our President signed this agreement who was accompanied by Clarabel Versace, Education and Development Officer. This agreement is another milestone that offers more opportunities to our members and continues to promote continuous development within the construction managerial workforce.

On the other hand, Morgan Parnis CEO of CMBS commented that the building and construction industry is becoming ever more complex and must pivot into new practices that enable better project management, safer practices, sustainability and professionalism. This leap can only be sustained if we springboard using work-based learning that is relevant, practical and of relevance to the people who work in this industry. For this reason, CMBS has geared its programmes and curricula to fill this void. 
January 2022

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