Annual General Meeting 2023

On the 2nd of December, our chamber held its Third AGM since its inception.

During this meeting, the members and guests present are provided with a summary of the work done by the chamber and its various sections.

Fabrizio Gerada provided a short overview on our magazine Managing Construction and the progress this publication has been showing with the addition of new contributors and features.

CIOB CEO Dr Caroline Gumble sent her message in a recorded format. Caroline`s and the CIOB`s support has gone from strength to strength and confirmed the support this global institution has provided even before MCCM was born.

Ed Howell, Chair of our Chamber Membership Board provided a short summary on how his board operates, how applications are tackled and reviewed. Being also our representative on our sister island Gozo, Ed provided an overview on the chamber s work and the message we are trying to send to all those operating in Gozo.

Clarabel Versace, Education Officer provided the present with a short summary on the work our chamber has been doing on the education front and our participation in the various events related to this particularly important subject.

Chantal Stagno Navarra, Chamber Secretary, went over the administrative aspect of the chamber and the commitments we have embarked on and other initiatives we have in programme for the next months.

Etienne Pavia, Treasurer, tried to provide the present with an overview of the chamber finances. Our income and expenditures. From where our income is coming and how this is spent.

There was also room for our politicians, especially those that are responsible of the sector. Both Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi and Hon Zammit Opposition Representative for the sector, had nice words to say about the work and the vision of the chamber. Reference to the legal status of our profession was expected and both speakers didn’t disappoint as the two of them committed their support. Minister Zrinzo highlighted also that the legal recognition of the Construction Project Manager is a government electoral pledge, meaning that this matter should be resolved before the next general elections.

Eng Zammit assured the Minister that on this aspect, the Opposition is fully on board so even though both parties might disagree on a number of topics and policies, in regard the legal recognition of our profession, such disagreements do not exist.

Andrei Cachia, Vice President, dedicated his speech to the same legal recognition, the progress made so far and highlighted the importance of such recognition, especially when taking in context the new and revised legislations affecting the sector and other sectors working in parallel.

Finally, Jesmond Chetcuti, President, invited the members present to confirm their approval of the new Strategy Document for the years 2024 to 2026. A document that its consultation period started in November. As the present approved unanimously this document, Chetcuti closed the speeches session with a short message that summarised the work done by the respective sections within the chamber and also reminded the present that the coming year is going to be the last year of this council term and invited anyone that wishes to assist and get involved in the work of the chamber to come forward.

The AGM came to an end by the presentation of a number of certificates, first we started with those to the new members and then we followed by presenting, the first time, certificates of attendance to all those that attended our CPDs during this calendar year.

Message from Dr Caroline Gumble CEO CIOB in occasion of MCCM Third AGM
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