Agreement between the Malta Chamber of Construction Management and St James Operations Ltd 

The Malta Chamber of Construction Management is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with Saint James Operations Ltd, better known for their hospitals and the medical facilities they operate around the island and abroad.
     Like the other agreements signed so far by the MCCM, through these arrangements, the chamber is trying to reach all the various necessities the members of the chamber might require in their daily lives.
      An agreement that focuses especially on the medical and health aspect was at the forefront of the benefits strategy plan. St James is at the top in their sector, and it was a no brainer for the MCCM to team up with them.
Through this agreement, the chamber members will be able to benefit from various discounts, on a number of services offered by St James Operations Ltd.

      President Jesmond Chetcuti, on behalf of the Malta Chamber of Construction Management, expressed his gratitude to Mr Muscat and the St James Hospital management for supporting the chamber, and its mission towards the upgrade and upscaling of the local construction industry. ‘’This agreement not only complements the other agreements the chamber has signed so far but addresses another particular aspect in the everyday life of the chamber members, their health and wellbeing’’.
     Mr Chetcuti also showed appreciation to Mr Muscat for the hospital contribution in the preparation and publishing of the chamber strategy document for 2021-2023. A document that maps the road ahead, for the chamber, for the coming two years and a half.

     Mr Jean Claude Muscat, Managing Director of Saint James Hospital Group expressed his satisfaction at the signing of this agreement underlining that the Group feels proud to partner with the Malta Chamber of Construction Management. He stated that Saint James Hospital Group is at the forefront of medical healthcare in Malta, not only through its continued investment in innovation but also through its dedicated team of professionals who are committed at excelling in the field. He also stated that such an agreement will enable the Chamber’s members to take care of their personal health and medical well-being, which the Group is constantly committed to deliver, for the interest not only of its members but of the community as a whole.

     Present also for the signing was Karl Azzopardi, Vice President of the MCCM noting with satisfaction the fact that MCCM is actively seeking qualitative partners who are collaborating and assisting the Chamber in its drive towards the successful implementation of MCCM’s cause including the facilitating of service packages that members may benefit from. St James is one of these partners, a brand that is synonymous with qualitative services within its field hence embracing the same philosophy as with MCCM that of promoting continuous improvement and qualitative leaps within their respective sectors.

More information on the services offered by Saint James Hospital be found on their website:

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