Meeting with the Parliament Secretary Hon Chris Agius

The recent cabinet reshuffle brought about a change to ministerial portfolios. In fact, whilst the Construction Sector remained within the remit of Hon. Parl. Sec. Chris Agius, the sector shifted with the responsibility of Hon. Minister Dr. Aaron Farrugia. The fact that the sector remained within the remit of Hon. Chris Agius is considered positive […]

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Meetings with the BCA

During 2020, at least two meetings took place with members of the BCA (Building and Construction Agency). During these meetings, the chamber`s representatives discussed the role of the chamber, the construction project manager and other construction management roles, and how these professionals can help in the government strategy towards the upgrading of the local construction

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The Chamber Statute

Concurrent to the drafting of the bill, the acting select committee worked on the drafting of the chamber statute. This document is considered of high importance given a foundation status and a document that shall provide the chamber with the governance baseline. This document is intended to regulate and govern all the chamber doings including

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