How to become a Construction Site Manager (CSM)

How to Become A Construction Site Manager

The Construction Site Manager (CSM) is considered the main person managing and administering a live construction site.

CSM must have a good academic background and a certain amount of experience. Most of the time, this role is a steppingstone for the role of a Construction Project Manager (CPM).

Similar to the CPM, at present in Malta there is nothing that regulates this role, but with the establishing of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), this key player is expected to be well trained and updated regularly through CPD`s.

In the near future, the BCA is expected to be the holder of a register for recognised CSM, from which, clients, developers and contractors can use for their operations.

To become a CSM, you require a minimum academic qualification of a Diploma MQF/EQF Level 5 in Construction Management. As this role is mainly a site-based role, the focus of the courses is expected to be on the running of the site. Good knowledge of H&S regulations is essential to be able to handle resources (human and material), good communications skills to coordinate with designers and other participants working on the project and where required, assist the CPM.

Courses that address the academic requirements for this role are available at the University of Malta, MCAST and local private educational institutions.
Foreign educational institutions also offer these types of courses. All courses, (especially those internationally), are to be recognised by the MQRIC.
Site Management experience of at least 2 years, is also expected. Similar to the CPM, those that are new to the industry are recommended that whilst starting a course at the level and subject required, they will seek at least part time involvement in site management (middle management).

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