How to become a Construction Project Manager (CPM)

How to Become A Construction Project Manager

At present, in Malta the profession of a Construction Project Manager is not regulated by any local act or law.

The process for this to happen started last year, when the government commissioned for a draft document to be prepared and to be used as the basis for an Act, that will regulate the profession of a Construction Project Manager (CPM).

According to the Malta Chamber of Construction Management (MCCM) Statute, for someone to qualify and be
eligible for the grade of a Certified Construction Project Manager, the minimum academic requirement is that of MQF/EQF Level 6 (BSc) in Construction Management.

In addition, apart from the minimum experience required as defined in the statute, the course being evaluated for eligibility must also cover a number of core subjects/modules.

These core subjects are:
01. Contracts and Construction Law
02. Safety, Environment & Sustainability
03. Principles of Structural & Building Fabric
04. Construction Technology and Materials
05. Construction project & Site Management
06. Construction Planning, Procurement & Finance

Other degrees and courses are also considered upon the topping up of any of the missing core subjects listed.

Other routes are the full membership with the CIOB (MCIOB) and the Fellowship (FCIOB), both recognised as equivalent to MQF/EQF Levels 6 (BSc) and MQF/EQF Level 7 (MSc) respectively.

As this profession is not exclusive to the Maltese islands, the academic requirements listed above are not limited to degrees and courses that take place in Malta or are done through international institutes and bodies.

Foreign obtained qualifications are also considered as long as they are recognised by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) and equivalent to the locally run courses.

At present, Construction Project Management courses are being run by the University of Malta (MSc) and a private academy (similar level). In the coming months, both institutions are expected to make available more courses that commence from BSc Level.

The other main educational institution, MCAST, is running a number of courses that only require any of the indicated top-ups for the student attending these courses, to be considered as meeting the minimum academic requirements.

On a regular basis, a number of foreign institutions hold courses at the level and content required. For more information on the courses available and the ones that are going to be available one should contact the chamber by sending an email or by filling out the contact us form on this website.

As the profession of a CPM relies heavily on a strong academic background, experience is also considered the other main requirement. At least two years of management (construction) experience is required. These can vary from Construction Site Management to other managerial roles within the construction industry.

For those that do not have the experience required, this can be gained before or post obtaining the minimum academic requirements. It is recommended that young students that are sitting for full-time courses, embark on a training scheme that will help them gain valuable experience, whilst attending the academic programme.

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