CIOB Partnership June 2022 Update

Due to our agreement, we have in place with the Chartered Institute of Building an agreement signed back in August 2021, more of our members are choosing not only to become active members within the Malta Chamber of Construction Management but are also making the most of this partnership by developing their knowledge further via the opportunities available to them by the CIOB.

Members are embarking on a journey to become Chartered members of the CIOB, thus obtaining a status that it is a trademark and proof of excellence in the profession on an international stage.

Others are attending courses that will not only help them develop further in their profession but also put them on the path to obtaining Chartership status.

In the first 6 months of this year, four of our members achieved MCIOB status- Chantal Stagno Navarra, Karl Chapman, Ruben Caruana and Nigel Pace Axiak.

Another three successfully completed their Charter Membership Programme (CMP) and are now working on their Professional Review to become chartered, these members are Reno Vassallo, Eamon Grixti and Andre Camilleri. Andre was placed overall second in the CMP courses of 2021. An impressive achievement when you consider that he was ‘’competing’’ with more than 300 students worldwide.

Another block of members started their journey to join the CIOB family by attending the CMP course and now waiting for their results or have just started the latest run of the course.

These members are- Jason Bonnici, Stephan Casha, Luca Galea, Omar Camilleri, Charles D’Alfonso, Jean Paul Buttgieg, George Borg, Owen Falzon and Roderick Camilleri.

All the above MCCM members will join the current CIOB members- Jesmond Chetcuti, Karl Azzopardi, Edward Howell, Sebastiano Marchi, Mohamed Elaida, Patrick Stephan Georgette, and Lewis Blake.

New Chartered Construction Managers (MCIOB)

Chantal Stagno Navarra
Karl Chapman
Ruben Caruana
Nigel Pace Asciak
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