IDEA Academy Construction Management Courses Launch

Today IDEA Academy launched two Construction Management Courses during a business breakfast event that was organised in collaboration with the Malta Chamber of Construction Management.
The courses focus on management applications and techniques within the construction industry. The launch session provided details of the courses and an overview of other courses that IDEA are working on and that should become available soon.
Good to note that the courses are tailored to cover the whole spectrum of the construction management sector, from the newly introduced Level 5 Certificate in Site Management (a course that will enable prospective members of the MCCM to achieve Tier 2 status) to the MSc in Construction Management level (a more intensive course that will challenge the student to go further in his research and to come with more innovative ideas).
As for the upcoming course, the preview reflects the intention of the course, that of joining the triangle of courses related to construction management. The Level 6 Construction Project Management and Construction Studies is one of the benchmark courses that, in conjunction with the appropriate experience, will lead to students for Tier 1 membership of the MCCM.

The Government Budget Speech 2022
Considering this week’s budget announcements specifically the fact that the Government is committed to regulate the profession of the Construction Project Manager, courses such as those launched by IDEA are of critical importance to the Construction Management Cohort. Education and continuous improvement is a culture that is being promoted as this applies to both the individual’s personal development and the overarching sectoral improvement in general.

MCCM Education and Development Section
MCCM was represented through our Education and Development Section by Clarabel Versace and Chantal Stagno Navarra. Clarabel delivered a presentation that touched upon the MCCM educational strategy including an in-depth update of the work being done towards the upscaling and development of the chamber members. Well, done to our ladies for the exceptionally good and valid work they are conducting!!
The main speaker at the event was Ing Vice Maione who explained both the contents, academic values of the courses and an insight of how Idea Academy operates and is looking at the Construction Industry in the future. Ms Kim Dalli (Idea) introduced the event and the main speakers. 

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